About Us


My name is Jill Labberton.   2012 is my 20th year in business!!!  I went to the prestigious Art Center College of design in Pasadena and have photographed for Estee Lauder, Red Hook Brewery, Sirius Radio and the Four Seasons Hotel to name a few of my clients.

In addition to those corporate clients I have photographed over 300 weddings and am a natural lighting specialist.  I look for light that will enhance you, my client and then add a touch of light with an off camera strobe or a reflector that will add just the tiniest kiss of light to your images.

I lived in Europe for most of 2001, and when I came back, I had the chance to recreate my business exactly how I wanted.  My decision was to focus on Families and children.

I have photographed many Seahawks and their families and am proud to say that many prominent Northwest Families have my images displayed proudly in their homes.

When I started in this business 20 years ago, everything was film-based.  This helped me to know all the basics of photography such as composition, color, and posing very well and sets me apart from those that have picked up a digital camera and instantly called themselves a photographer.

The last year and a half have been the busiest of my career and I now work out of my home in Woodinville with my business partner Bart and we are having the time of our lives!  Bart comes from a background in Sales.  He brings an attention and focus to detail that I did not have in the past.