Introduction to our Style:


More than anything, what sets me apart from other photographers is my desire to capture the essence of your family.  I do this by meeting at least one of the decision makers in your family prior to us photographing anyone.

At this meeting we will discuss when where and how we will photograph you and what you will wear as well as where you will plan to place the portrait in your home.

We will also answer questions such as “What makes your family different to another family?”  It is my desire to illustrate the love that you have between one another and the synergy that makes your family unique.

I will be there to guide you through the decision making process, giving my input when requested and my experience where needed.  Instead of putting up an impersonal website and letting you make the decisions all on your own, I will have you in for your very own personal slide show type of viewing where we will decide together the size and scale of your images to ensure they will have the maximum impact in your home and your surroundings.  The interior of your home should be a showplace for your family.  What could be better than creating timeless pieces of art for your home?

My style of photographing is kind of loose.  I like to have you, my clients become comfortable enough in front of the camera to really allow your real personalities to shine through.  I think I was able to develop this skill when I photographed all of those weddings.  I understood that people are not all that comfortable when they had to “pose” for formal portraits, and it was always easier to just have a conversation with me.  Then when I would do something unexpected, they could relax and just be themselves, which is what all of us want in a portrait in  the first place.  (If I told you here what that something was, then that would ruin all of the surprise!)

My goal is that our portraits which we create together are so fantastic they are something that you agree should be displayed prominently in a place that you are going to enjoy them for years to come.

Warm Regards,

Jill Labberton